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What Is The YPA Programme?

The Young Parliamentary Associates (YPA) programme is an IP3 initiative that seeks to recruit, train and deploy in Pakistan’s parliament, bright young minds from across the country. The programme gives Associates the unique opportunity to work directly with parliamentarians and bureaucrats in the parliament. The YPA programme was designed in collaboration with the Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS).

Making it as a YPA!

The first group of YPAs was recruited in July 2013 following a competitive and rigorous selection process involving a series of tests and interviews. Over 3000 candidates applied to the YPA programme; of which only 33 made it to the final stage. Following their selection, Associates underwent specialised training in legislative research at PIPS and were orientated to the parliamentary work environment. In late August the YPAs were deployed as legislative researchers to assist in the committee and research work of the National Assembly and the Senate of Pakistan. Their tenure was completed in October 2014.

The second group of YPAs started getting trained after recruitment in the month of May 2014 and their tenure ended in July 2015. Third batch of YPAs was recruited in March 2015 and its tenure will end in March 2016.

Training of YPAs

Before deployment to the Senate and the National Assembly, the YPAs went through a comprehensive training programme at the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS), conducted by experts from relevant fields. The training aimed to equip YPAs with the essential knowledge and skills required for making positive contributions to parliamentary work.

The training process concluded with a certificate award ceremony in which the YPAs were awarded the certificates to honour their achievements.

YPAs in Action

From the 1st batch of YPAs, 21 were inducted in the National Assembly and 12 in Senate. From the 2nd batch, 23 were deployed in the National Assembly and 12 in Senate. In the third and final batch of YPAs, 18 were sent to the National Assembly and 9 to Senate.

In both the houses of Parliament, the efforts of YPAs have been lauded which points toward the success of his program. The YPAs have and are still making valuable contribution for Committees by attending the meetings, taking minutes, drafting questions and assisting in drafting the agendas of the meetings. They have also worked in various departments and Wings at both the National Assembly and Senate e.g. International Relations Wing, Legislative Wing, Research Wing, Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, Project Management Unit, Speaker’s Office and Leader of opposition’s office.