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Funded by the European Union


Who We Are, What We Do

The main objective of IP3 is to strengthen the parliament as an institution and to support both committees and individual parliamentarians in the four main areas of their work: legislation, oversight, representation and budget. The project also aims to build the capacity of parliamentary secretariats so that they are able to provide better support for committee work.

IP3 is funded by the European Union (EU) and is being delivered by a group of international and local partners led by the British Council. The project aims to support strengthening of democracy in Pakistan by helping to build the capacity of elected representatives and institutions. Legislators with access to quality support services, research and policy advice help improve the outcomes of democratic institutions worldwide.

The project aims to assist parliamentarians in fulfilling their mandates by providing critical and targeted support so that they are able to enact and contribute to more informed legislation. Legislators have immense pressures put on their time in meeting their many responsibilities. Better support services mean they can do their jobs more effectively and help meet the oversight, legislative and representational functions of parliamentarians which IP3 concentrates on.

IP3 is a non-partisan entity and works with parliamentarians without regard for their political affiliations or whether they are on Treasury or Opposition benches.